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  • Become a Leader - Learn how to think & act like a strategic marketing leader.
  • Modern Marketing - The world of marketing is in constant flux. Don’t get left behind.
  • “Why” of Marketing - Learn the “Why” of marketing rather than just the “How.”



Leaders and Startups love this Course:

★★★★★  "Way above my expectations! Brian is REALLY knowledgeable about the whole area of marketing and the current state of the digital marketing industry, this is a guy who has ACTUALLY worked in the industry and is not just selling a course based on something he read in a book! This will really help anyone to become a true marketing leader!" - Erick Cardoso

★★★★★  "This is the best marketing masterclass so far. I've taken dozens of online courses in various e-learning websites. No matter you are a beginner or a marketing pro, this course will both give you a ready-to-go checklist for creating your own marketing strategy, and freshen up your marketing skills." - Nano Mardoyan

★★★★★  "The best of the best .... I think his Point of view will last for the next 50 years about the content. Professional and to the point. I`m really glad I know such a great brain of marketing. Note: I've taken more than 50x about marketing and content and you are one of the first ...You know what is my pain point and you deliver it." - Asem Al Sardy

Knowing WHY and WHEN to perform certain marketing tasks is the million-dollar question for most businesses.

Anyone can learn how to post to social, write a blog post, or learn what SEO is, but quantity is not what works. What works are people who actually know WHY and WHEN certain marketing activities work?

That's the purpose of this course. By the end, you will have developed an actual marketing strategy, your own personal marketing playbook, that will guide you and your brand into the right marketing activity.

Think about it - no more guessing or assuming. You will be able to inform others and act personally based on the correct information!

★★★★★  "After finishing Session 1 of this course, I have a better understanding of the "WHY" of digital marketing efforts. This course gives you a compass and a map you can refer to plan your marketing activities. Most of the marketing courses I took so far focus more on the tactics --how to rank well on Search Engines, get more visitors on Social Media -- without giving you the tools you need to really plan those activities for optimal ROI. Knowing "How to" is good, but knowing "Why" is even greater because you can chart a better path and keep the eyes on metrics to make the necessary corrections. So, I'm religiously taking this course to implement the concepts taught, and to remove any guesswork when it comes to investing some marketing dollars." - Majonka Diokou

Three reasons to take this course:

  1. You get lifetime access to lectures, including new lectures every month (content is added/updated constantly).

  2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!

  3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed! It comes from years of graduate-level education and 20+ of marketing leadership experience across dozens of industries.

There are plenty of people who can teach you shortcuts and fast tactics. 

This is a course for people who are truly willing to understand marketing strategy. A course for people who would rather do it right than hustle and hassle people. Once you work your way through these 200 lessons, your strategy will become more clear, your empathy will deepen and you'll begin to see the market as it is, instead of merely wishing it to be what you want. You will have your own complete marketing playbook!! No more guessing.

★★★★★  "Amazing course, best delivery, up-to-date, and very specific - no extra blah blah" - Malik Waqas

The Marketing Leadership Masterclass is split into 6 different online sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of marketing leadership.

In Session 1 we will focus on Building Your Model.

As you may know, more and more marketers are constantly under pressure to justify their marketing effectiveness, prove ROI, and create efficiency at scale. Since most marketing today is digital marketing, all the digital tools available make this task easier.

To do this well, every brand should have a model for how they track consumers from anonymous visitors all the way to loyal customers and promoters. The goal of building a model is to ensure that you have a way to track and measure every primary step a consumer takes during the buying journey. Without a model, you will simply be guessing at which marketing tasks will be the most effective.

The benefit of having multiple models of historical numbers is that you are then able to build out future scenarios by which you can more accurately gauge ROI, create efficiency at scale, and identify opportunities for marketing activities on each channel.

Session 2 - The Belief Framework. 

The Belief Framework is really the core, the foundation that pulls all the other sessions together. 

In modern marketing, we must come to an understanding that different people have different beliefs at different stages of the buying process. Some beliefs need to be exposed while other beliefs need to be nurtured or changed or directed, because, belief is one of the strongest motivators consumers have.

At the completion of this session, you will have developed your own Belief Framework based on your personas that you can immediately implement across all your marketing efforts.

Session 3 - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO has been considered by many the most important marketing activity because it makes every visitor exponentially more valuable. For example, if you double your conversion rate but keep the same traffic, you have essentially doubled your revenue. Digital marketing is analytics-driven, smart marketing.

In this session, you will learn how the best companies design and optimize sites that convert. The goal is to remove the fog of mystery around CRO by introducing you to a common-sense, data-informed, well-proven strategy for optimizing your conversion rate.

At the conclusion of this session, you will have developed your own conversion rate optimization plan based upon each of your primary user touchpoints.

Session 4 - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an infamous, yet very important digital marketing discipline encompassing both the technical and creative elements of a user-centered website that results in increased rankings, more organic traffic, and increased awareness in search engines.

In this session, we dive deep into the weeds of both the theoretical and practical elements of modern SEO, while dispelling many of the myths and confronting some of the blackhat techniques still practiced today.

Having started my SEO career in 90s, I look forward to uncovering the many layers of modern SEO that today’s marketing leaders need to know.

Session 5 - Content Engagement Strategy

As you know, technology has made content creation and marketing far more complex, and an emphasis on data-driven approaches has forced all of us to rethink the communications industry.

The keys to breaking through today's immense marketing clutter are quality content, compelling experiences, and their effective distribution. 

As such, every piece of content should have a defined purpose that traces back to the Belief Framework we developed in Session 2. In today's modern marketing, this is a table-stakes requirement that you cannot afford to get wrong.

Therefore, in this Session, we will focus on helping you develop evergreen content that will shape, nurture, and grow the beliefs of your target market based on the personas you have developed earlier.

Session 6 - Multi-Channel Lead Acquisition

In today's world of fully integrated consumers, it is more important than ever to understand the priority and role of every channel and device in your marketing toolkit.

This is why, in this Session, you will learn how your business can design and optimize lead acquisition campaigns through the major channels including social, search, and email.

The purpose of this lesson is for you to comprehend and develop multi-channel lead acquisition and lead nurturing programs based on what you have already developed with Your Models in Session 1, The Belief Framework in Session 2, and the Content that fills out the Belief Framework in Session 5.

This Session is the culmination of all prior Sessions. So I look forward to pulling together all that we have learned in the previous lessons so that you complete this course with the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective leader in today’s business world.

★★★★★  "The Marketing course with Brian was very thorough and complete, covering the A-Z of marketing from an executive position, but doing the deep dive into each of the key components of successful marketing. Primarily, I found the course to be directly applicable to putting together a strong marketing campaign that will talk to the consumer. But, it really took it from a "marketing problem" through the research, planning and putting together a full Integrated Marketing Plan, and then following up to review and update the strategy based on new data learned. Further, it covered the online universe as well as the traditional universe and how these work together to create a result. So, terrific course, and thank you Brian." - Jesse Nosko

What are the requirements?

  • No experience or audience required.

  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Practical theory - Great marketers and great entrepreneurs are great learners. We’ll cover the theory that you need to understand to drive your own Demand Gen program.

  • Hands-on - Throughout the course, we give you multiple opportunities to slow down and apply what you have learned by building out the real-world plan that your company needs.

  • Peer Learning - Your instructors are peers, start-up founders, and fellow marketers with decades of tangible experience in every stage and level of an organization.

What is the Target Audience?

  • Business Owners - Increase your business revenue, pipeline, and ROI by building out transformative demand generation programs that actually work.

  • Startups - Leverage proven marketing processes and practices to establish and increase your user-base and business revenue. 

  • Marketers - Increase your current marketing knowledge by learning the most effective tactics, best practices, and processes.

Go from Beginner to Advanced

No matter what level of marketer you are, you will go from beginner to advanced marketing leader as we walk you through building your own model.

All the strategies, tips, and tools recommended are either included, free, or very cost-effective.

You'll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

✔ ISC Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

Who this course is for:

  • Early-Stage Founders
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Change agents
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Digital Marketers
  • CEOs
  • Anyone who wants to make an impac


194 Lessons 18:10:14

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 1 00:01:21

  Lesson- 1: Step 1: Know Your Numbers 00:11:39

  Lesson- 2: HOMEWORK: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS 00:02:25

  Lesson- 1: Step 2: Measuring 00:09:11

  Lesson- 2: Experience Mapping 00:04:17

  Lesson- 3: The Buying Process 00:08:22


  Lesson- 1: Step 3: Conversion Rates 00:03:11

  Lesson- 2: Industry Averages 00:12:12

  Lesson- 1: Step 4: Building Your Model 00:05:08

  Lesson- 2: Knowing the Value of a Lead 00:04:25

  Lesson- 3: HOMEWORK: BUILD YOUR MODEL 00:03:03

  Lesson- 1: Step 5: Building Your Scenarios 00:08:19

  Lesson- 2: HOMEWORK: BUILD YOUR FUNNEL 00:02:58

  Lesson- 3: Practical Campaign Models 00:10:28

  Lesson- 1: Next Steps 00:02:33

  Lesson- 2: End of Session 00:02:36

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 2 00:01:05

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to the Belief Framework 00:11:59

  Lesson- 1: Rule 1: Everybody has Beliefs 00:07:10

  Lesson- 2: Rule 2: Belief is a Strong Motivator 00:07:42

  Lesson- 3: Rule 3: Belief Preceeds Behavior 00:05:35

  Lesson- 4: Rule 4: All Beliefs can be Developed 00:02:10

  Lesson- 5: Rule 5: Beliefs can be Measured 00:04:19


  Lesson- 1: Principle 1: Act Like a Mentor 00:06:28

  Lesson- 2: Definition of Mentorship 00:04:17

  Lesson- 3: A Mentor is Other-Centered 00:03:09

  Lesson- 4: A Mentor is Authentic 00:05:08

  Lesson- 5: A Mentor is Empathetic 00:04:28

  Lesson- 6: A Mentor is an Authority 00:04:42

  Lesson- 7: A Mentor is Committed 00:04:50

  Lesson- 1: Principle 2: Your Customer is Human 00:02:18

  Lesson- 2: Introduction to Personas 00:06:01


  Lesson- 4: Elements of a Good Persona 00:08:17

  Lesson- 5: Telling Your Persona's Story 00:06:17

  Lesson- 6: HOMEWORK: PERSONAS 00:05:16

  Lesson- 1: Principle 3: Identify and Establish the Need 00:08:13

  Lesson- 2: Defining Consumer Needs 00:06:07

  Lesson- 3: Discovering Your Genuine Contribution 00:11:36

  Lesson- 4: Create or Satisfy Needs? 00:03:31


  Lesson- 1: Principle 4: You Have the Solution 00:04:26

  Lesson- 2: Journey Specific Solutions 00:09:27


  Lesson- 4: Content Types per Stage 00:07:47


  Lesson- 1: Principle 5: People Respond to Direction 00:05:02

  Lesson- 2: Ad & Brand Exposure 00:04:33

  Lesson- 3: Two Types of Actions 00:05:56

  Lesson- 4: Creating the Belief Framework 00:02:49


  Lesson- 1: Values-Based vs Fear-Based Marketing 00:05:38

  Lesson- 2: Features vs Benefits 00:05:09

  Lesson- 3: End of Session 00:02:36

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 3 00:01:11

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to CRO 00:11:04

  Lesson- 2: Defining Conversion 00:13:23

  Lesson- 3: Building Your Conversion Plan 00:07:06

  Lesson- 1: Measure 00:12:25

  Lesson- 2: 3 Primary Methods of Data Analysis 00:08:54

  Lesson- 3: Data Tools and Tags 00:07:08

  Lesson- 4: HOMEWORK: INSTALLING TOOLS 00:07:04

  Lesson- 5: Important KPIs 00:04:12

  Lesson- 6: Funnel Pages 00:03:12

  Lesson- 7: HOMEWORK: DASHBOARD & REPORTS 00:03:47

  Lesson- 8: HOMEWORK: SEGMENTS 00:03:05

  Lesson- 1: Analyze 00:08:31

  Lesson- 2: Funnel Touchpoints 00:10:37

  Lesson- 1: Strategize 00:00:30

  Lesson- 2: Hypothesize 00:11:16

  Lesson- 3: Prioritize 00:02:47

  Lesson- 4: HOMEWORK: CRO WORKLOG 00:10:17

  Lesson- 1: Design 00:03:55

  Lesson- 2: Mobile Design 00:04:47

  Lesson- 3: Buzzword Compliance 00:01:21

  Lesson- 4: User Experience 00:03:12

  Lesson- 5: Consumer Focus 00:02:12

  Lesson- 6: What's Missing? 00:04:10

  Lesson- 1: Implement 00:10:44

  Lesson- 1: Learn 00:04:35

  Lesson- 1: Key CRO Takeaways 00:02:59

  Lesson- 2: End of Session 00:02:36

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 4 00:01:21

  Lesson- 2: Common SEO Myths and Misconceptions 00:07:00

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to SEO 00:08:09

  Lesson- 2: Defining Modern SEO 00:06:43

  Lesson- 3: The 5 Primary Keys of SEO 00:06:42

  Lesson- 4: Why is SEO Important? 00:03:44

  Lesson- 5: The SEO Plan 00:01:33

  Lesson- 1: Technical SEO 00:09:14

  Lesson- 2: Meta Tags 00:05:28

  Lesson- 3: Meta Tag: Title 00:05:42

  Lesson- 4: Meta Tag: Description 00:05:02

  Lesson- 5: URL Construction 00:05:30

  Lesson- 6: Duplicate Content 00:04:07

  Lesson- 1: Content 00:04:11

  Lesson- 2: Stage 1: Keyword Research 00:07:48

  Lesson- 3: 4 Steps of Keyword Research 00:10:57

  Lesson- 4: HOMEWORK: KEYWORD LIST 00:07:03

  Lesson- 5: Stage 2: Content Audit 00:05:53

  Lesson- 6: Conducting a Content Audit 00:11:21

  Lesson- 7: Stage 3: Competitor Analysis 00:11:29

  Lesson- 8: HOMEWORK: SITE COMPARISON 00:07:39

  Lesson- 9: Stage 4: User Experience 00:14:48

  Lesson- 1: Linking 00:04:02

  Lesson- 2: Internal Linking 00:04:19

  Lesson- 3: External Linking 00:06:43

  Lesson- 4: Link Flywheel 00:05:06

  Lesson- 5: Link Types 00:04:23

  Lesson- 6: Link Building Strategies 00:03:41

  Lesson- 7: Social's Impact on SEO 00:07:49


  Lesson- 1: Metrics 00:02:17

  Lesson- 2: Keyword Rankings 00:04:35

  Lesson- 3: Backlinks & Linking Root Domains 00:04:48

  Lesson- 4: Organic Traffic 00:02:31

  Lesson- 5: Average Time-On-Page 00:02:52

  Lesson- 6: Pages Per Session 00:03:08

  Lesson- 7: Returning Users 00:02:27

  Lesson- 8: Bounce Rate 00:02:46

  Lesson- 9: Page Speed 00:03:09

  Lesson- 10: Traffic By Device 00:03:33

  Lesson- 11: Conversions 00:01:48

  Lesson- 12: End of Session 00:02:36

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 5 00:01:21

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Content Engagement Plan 00:09:54

  Lesson- 2: Modern Marketing Funnel 00:02:43

  Lesson- 3: Why Content Fails 00:05:31

  Lesson- 4: What Makes Content Valuable? 00:04:34

  Lesson- 5: Interactive Content 00:04:09

  Lesson- 6: Personalize Content 00:07:40

  Lesson- 7: Full-Funnel Content Plan 00:11:34

  Lesson- 8: Defining Content Type 00:06:53

  Lesson- 9: Consumer-Centric Content 00:05:38

  Lesson- 1: TOFU Content 00:08:50

  Lesson- 2: TOFU Spotlight: Social Media 00:02:20

  Lesson- 3: TOFU Content Examples 00:07:34

  Lesson- 1: MOFU Content 00:06:34

  Lesson- 2: MOFU Goals and Tactics 00:04:03

  Lesson- 3: MOFU Content Examples 00:11:04

  Lesson- 1: BOFU Content 00:06:39

  Lesson- 2: BOFU Goals and Tactics 00:05:08

  Lesson- 3: BOFU Content Examples 00:06:52

  Lesson- 1: Retention Content 00:03:15

  Lesson- 2: Retention Goals and Content Types 00:04:02

  Lesson- 3: Retention Content Examples 00:06:21

  Lesson- 1: Measuring Success 00:07:21


  Lesson- 2: End of Session 00:02:36

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to Session 6 00:01:26

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Multi-Channel Lead Acquisition 00:06:01

  Lesson- 1: Data Informed 00:05:38

  Lesson- 2: Primary Success Metrics 00:12:58

  Lesson- 3: Syncing Your Accounts 00:02:34

  Lesson- 4: Tracking & UTM Codes 00:10:12

  Lesson- 5: HOMEWORK: UTM CODES 00:03:39

  Lesson- 6: Custom Dashboards 00:02:27

  Lesson- 7: HOMEWORK: DASHBOARD & REPORTS 00:03:47

  Lesson- 8: HOMEWORK: SEGMENTS 00:03:05

  Lesson- 1: All Channels Are Part Of The Journey 00:04:59

  Lesson- 1: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 00:05:26

  Lesson- 2: IMC Defined 00:05:12

  Lesson- 3: IMC Strategy 00:03:33

  Lesson- 4: IMC Examples & Marketing Mix 00:10:55

  Lesson- 1: Device Agnosticism 00:14:47

  Lesson- 1: Branded Style Guide 00:07:11

  Lesson- 2: Manual of Styles 00:09:08

  Lesson- 3: Example Style Guides 00:03:27

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Email 00:03:27

  Lesson- 2: Email Metrics 00:09:22

  Lesson- 3: Email Design 00:08:39

  Lesson- 4: Email Personalization 00:05:53

  Lesson- 5: Lead Nurturing Campaigns 00:07:40

  Lesson- 6: Different Types of Lead Nurturing Emails 00:07:04

  Lesson- 7: Growing Subscribers 00:03:15

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Social 00:07:41

  Lesson- 2: LinkedIn 00:02:18

  Lesson- 3: Facebook 00:03:52

  Lesson- 4: Twitter 00:02:25

  Lesson- 5: YouTube 00:02:38

  Lesson- 6: Other Social Networks 00:01:44

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Search Marketing 00:01:47

  Lesson- 2: #1: Be Found at Every Stage 00:02:17

  Lesson- 3: #2: Drive Dual Strategies 00:03:07

  Lesson- 4: #3: Boost Conversions 00:02:55

  Lesson- 5: #4: Dominate the SERPs 00:03:00

  Lesson- 6: #5: Conversions 00:02:08

  Lesson- 7: Integrate, Don't Separate 00:03:18

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Remarketing 00:08:30

  Lesson- 2: Why Remarketing Works 00:03:04

  Lesson- 3: Different Types of Remarketing 00:02:44

  Lesson- 4: End of Session 00:02:36


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  5 Resources Files
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