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Welcome to the most complete and efficient Facebook Retargeting and Remarketing Training

Every time that you are looking for a product online, and you decide not to buy, suddenly you start seeing Ads for that product all over the internet. Did that ever happen to you?

Retargeting (or Remarketing) is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools used by large corporations like Netflix, Amazon, and Google, and today this technology is available to you.


  • How do you implement Retargeting in your Facebook Marketing? And how can you optimize it to skyrocket your results and save money?
  • How can you define your Target Audience to make sure that your Facebook Ad is shown ONLY to people that have a real interest in your products and services? To people that are looking for your products right now!
  • What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?

Not using Retargeting on your Facebook Ads will cause you to lose money, lose potential customers and to spend time with no result.

A good Facebook Retargeting campaign will give you outstanding results, engaging your audience, increasing your sales and revenue, and inspiring your followers to take action and buy your products or services.

Welcome to the most complete and efficient Facebook Retargeting Training.

By the end of the course, you will have a full Facebook Retargeting Campaign running 24 hours a day, generating sales, reaching your ideal audience and helping your business to grow. And remember, this is the same system used by the marketing department of giant corporations that are dominating the market today.

You will learn how to create two different retargeting strategies for cold and warm traffic to guarantee that you have the best results.

You will also learn, how to install the Facebook Pixel code on your website and your landing pages. I’ll also show you, how to create professional landing pages to start collecting your customer’s name and email. All that using Free tools.

And you will learn, how to create the perfect Target Audience using Facebook Pixel, and how to do Advance Audience creation, combining data from more than one Pixel to ensure that you are targeting only people that will buy your products and services.

And you will learn how to track actions or “events” that your customers perform on your website using that in your Facebook Marketing.

And as a Bonus, I’ll share with you the complete strategy to create and optimize your Facebook Page and make sure you have all the tools to grow the number of likes on your page exponentially.

Remember that is not enough just to watch all the videos and lectures, the real results come when you TAKE ACTION, that’s why in this course you will find Student Assignments. Each Assignment was designed to help you apply all the strategies you learn in each module, so the amazing results you want are almost guaranteed!

I’m sure you’ll love the course, and by the end you will have Facebook Ads, generating sales and bringing customers and followers to your business every day.

In this course you will learn:

  • By the end of the course, you will have a complete Facebook Retargeting Campaign running 24 hours a day, generating sales, reaching your ideal audience and helping your business to grow. 
  • You will Learn what is Facebook Retargeting and how does it work?
  • You will Learn how to Dominate Facebook retargeting and remarketing and how to use it to increase conversions, sales and grow your business.
  • You will Stop spending money on Ads that are NOT Working.
  • You will Learn how to Convert your Abandoning Visitors into Paying Customers.
  • You will Learn how to Profitably set up, manage and optimize professional retargeting campaigns.
  • You will Learn how to Create optimized Facebook Ads that will show only to people that visited one specific page or section of your website or online store.
  • You will Learn how to Setup advanced retargeting and remarketing audiences in Facebook.
  • You will Learn how to create Custom Facebook Audiences combining the data from multiple Pixels to guarantee that you have the absolute best audience, people that are ready to buy your products and services.
  • You will Learn how to use effectively the Facebook Pixel Dashboard.
  • You will Learn how to use and read the Facebook Pixel statistics, and how to make the right decisions using that data.
  • You will Learn how to use advanced retargeting strategies to stay in front of your most engaged followers and fans, from Facebook or any other platforms.
  • You will totally understand what Facebook Retargeting is and How it Works.
  • You will Learn how to Maximize your Facebook Ads conversion targeting only people that have a real interest in your products and services.
  • You will Learn how to create stunning Landing Pages and how to add the Facebook Pixel to start capturing your customers information.
  • You will Learn how to Get Unlimited Royalty Free Images (professional photos) to use in your Facebook Ads or any other project.
  • You will Learn the complete strategy to Create and Optimize your Facebook Pages to make sure you are ready to reach thousands of people.
  • You will Learn how to Run Hot Traffic Campaigns To Convert More Sales.
  • You will Learn two different Facebook Retargeting strategies, for Hot/Warm and Cold Traffic, to make sure you are driving your audience to the best offers.

… and much, much more!

I’m really excited and ready to start the course with you. Enroll now and let’s start using all the power of Facebook Retargeting to generate more sales, attract more followers and grow your online presence exponentially right now!

See you inside!


44 Lessons 03:46:05

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to the course 00:01:16

  Lesson- 1: Why You Need to Start Using Retargeting NOW 00:04:55

  Lesson- 2: Creating Your Facebook Pixel 00:05:34

  Lesson- 1: Module Intro 00:00:30

  Lesson- 2: Installing the Pixel on a WordPress Website 00:04:36

  Lesson- 3: Installing the Pixel on a non-WordPress Website 00:02:32

  Lesson- 4: Assignment - Installing the Facebook Pixel on your Website 00:01:33

  Lesson- 1: Checking if Your Facebook Pixel is Working 00:03:58

  Lesson- 1: Strategies for Hot_Warm and Cold Traffic 00:04:54

  Lesson- 1: Module Intro 00:00:35

  Lesson- 2: Creating Your First Audience With Facebook Pixel 00:03:45

  Lesson- 3: Facebook Pixel - Advance Audience Creation 00:13:50

  Lesson- 4: Your Audience is Too Small Message 00:02:09

  Lesson- 5: Assignment - Creating your Audience with the Facebook Pixel 00:01:10

  Lesson- 1: Creating Your Optimized Facebook Ad with the Pixel 00:10:43

  Lesson- 2: Assignment - Creating Your Optimized Facebook Ad with the Pixel 00:01:40

  Lesson- 1: Module Intro 00:04:14

  Lesson- 2: Signing for a free Account on Mailerlite 00:04:35

  Lesson- 3: Understanding the MailerLite Dashboard 00:04:14

  Lesson- 4: Creating a Landing Page 00:13:47

  Lesson- 5: Creating a Thank You Page 00:10:10

  Lesson- 6: Adding Your Facebook Pixel to the Landing Page 00:06:37

  Lesson- 7: Creating Your Audience with The Landing Page Pixel 00:05:50

  Lesson- 8: Assignment - Create a Landing Page with the Facebook Pixel 00:01:17

  Lesson- 1: Module Intro 00:00:32

  Lesson- 2: Understanding the Facebook Pixel Events 00:04:34

  Lesson- 3: Adding the Event Code in Your Facebook Pixel 00:07:39

  Lesson- 4: Adding the Event Code to Your Landing Pages 00:03:15

  Lesson- 5: Adding the Event Code to your WordPress Website 00:10:03

  Lesson- 6: Creating an Audience Using Facebook Events 00:05:29

  Lesson- 7: Next Steps for Facebook Pixel Audiences 00:02:09

  Lesson- 8: Assignment - Adding the Facebook Events Code to your Pixel 00:01:24

  Lesson- 1: Exploring The Facebook Pixel Dashboard _ Stats 00:07:41

  Lesson- 1: Top Websites to Download Unlimited Royalty Free Images 00:12:24

  Lesson- 1: Bonus - Optimizing Your Facebook Page 00:01:08

  Lesson- 2: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business 00:09:01

  Lesson- 3: Adding Essential Information to Your Facebook Page 00:10:44

  Lesson- 4: Creating a Professional Cover Image for Your Facebook Page 00:12:08

  Lesson- 5: Free Keyword Research Tools for Facebook 00:02:18

  Lesson- 6: Finding the Best Keywords for Your Business Facebook Page 00:11:28

  Lesson- 7: Creating an Optimized Facebook Page Description 00:02:47

  Lesson- 8: Getting Your Facebook Page Username _ URL 00:02:51

  Lesson- 9: Assignment - Optimizing Your Facebook Page 00:01:26

  Lesson- 1: CONGRATULATIONS 00:02:40


  44 Lessons
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