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The goal of this course is to make sure that you and your business are using all the power of Live Video to generate more sales, get more clients, and reach people all over the world.

We will accomplish that by teaching you the best strategies that are working right now for social media live streaming.

This course focused on the biggest four social media platforms for live video, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope.

And by the end of the course, you will be reaching your target audience in all these powerful Social Media platforms, engaging with them, and creating a trustful relationship with those potential customers.

And You will learn how to plan your live session to make sure is irresistible and encouraging your customers to take action. And how to create an optimized Social Media Marketing Strategy combining that with live video.

I’ll show you how you can do a live session right now with the one piece of equipment that you already have… your smartphone. But yes, we’ll also talk about more advanced equipment that you can use to create Live Videos like a Pro!

So enroll now, and let’s start using the power of Live Video to expand your brand, your company, and products all over the world.


41 Lessons 03:34:12

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to the course 00:01:35

  Lesson- 2: What You Will Learn on this Course 00:06:58

  Lesson- 1: The Power of Live Streaming 00:06:13

  Lesson- 1: Basic Equipment 00:06:18

  Lesson- 2: Advanced Equipment 00:10:25

  Lesson- 3: Internet Speed Requirements 00:01:48

  Lesson- 1: Planning your Live Session 00:09:43

  Lesson- 2: How you can use Live Streaming 00:07:30

  Lesson- 3: 7 Tips to optimize your Live Streaming 00:09:35

  Lesson- 4: Assigment help - How to share your plan 00:01:19

  Lesson- 5: Assignment 1 - Plan your Live Streaming Session 00:02:44

  Lesson- 1: Facebook Live Basics 00:05:03

  Lesson- 2: Going Live on Facebook with a Smartphone 00:06:47

  Lesson- 3: Going Live on Facebook with a Computer 00:05:08

  Lesson- 4: Sharing our Facebook Live Session 00:02:43

  Lesson- 5: 3 ways to Reuse your Facebook Live Sessions 00:05:27

  Lesson- 6: Assignment 2 - Go Live on Facebook 00:02:43

  Lesson- 7: Assignment help - how to get the link of your Facebook live 00:00:40

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to YouTube Live 00:02:36

  Lesson- 2: Going Live on YouTube with a Smartphone 00:04:40

  Lesson- 3: Going Live on YouTube with a Computer 00:08:26

  Lesson- 4: How to do a quick group meeting with Google Hangouts 00:02:52

  Lesson- 5: Assignment 3 - Go Live on YouTube 00:01:15

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to Instagram Live 00:00:46

  Lesson- 2: Why Instagram is great for your business 00:05:02

  Lesson- 3: Going Live on Instagram 00:03:09

  Lesson- 4: Assignment 4 - Go Live on Instagram 00:01:02

  Lesson- 1: What is Periscope 00:01:07

  Lesson- 2: Creating Your Periscope Account 00:06:35

  Lesson- 3: Using your Description as Marketing tool 00:04:23

  Lesson- 4: Using Periscope like a pro.screenflow 00:11:00

  Lesson- 5: Live Periscope Stats 00:03:37

  Lesson- 6: Assignment 5 - Go Live on Periscope 00:01:04

  Lesson- 1: Introduction to OBS Broadcaster software 00:03:19

  Lesson- 2: Setting up your OBS software 00:10:57

  Lesson- 3: Using OBS Studio Mode 00:04:52

  Lesson- 4: Facebook Live Streaming with OBS 00:12:24

  Lesson- 5: YouTube Live Streaming with OBS 00:06:59

  Lesson- 6: Assignment 6 - Go Live with OBS 00:01:43

  Lesson- 1: Simultaneous Streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope 00:15:41

  Lesson- 1: Other awesome software for Live Streaming 00:08:04


  41 Lessons
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