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Build your first Django project

Know to use Django in API

Usage of Django and Bootstrap (HTML,CSS, JS)


Course helps you in creating your first Django project. Provides details about Django, Python, Bootstrap

What is Django?

Django is an open-source web framework that is written in Python. Django is one of the best web-framework in Python.

Django is an amazing framework for web developers because it provides the infrastructure required for database-driven websites for user authentication, content administration, contact forms, file uploads, and more.  Django framework utilizes the components that are already built, and focus your time on developing your web app instead.

Contents and Overview

We will use Python in this course, so if you have never used Python before, we will start with a python refresher to get you up to speed (no other python experience required).

Web-page navigator

  • Installation for Django in detail.

  • Usage of Views, URL

  • Usage of 2 HTML webpages

  • Helps in understanding how to fetch a value from one web-page and navigate to another webpage.


  • Full control of Blogging website and control of Admin user interface.

  • Usage of Model

  • Usage of Application

  • Usage of DB

  • Usage of Bootstrap.

  • Posting the blog and controlling the home page and post details page.

API Website:

  • Creating the API account in weather forecasting website.

  • Uses a API token in the website.

  • Usage of template.

  • Giving control to the website users to add and delete the city.

All the codes will be saved in Dropbox. Code will have different touchpoints, so that once you get stuck at some point you can use the touchpoint code instead of debugging your code or the entire code.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are willing to learn python and Django
  • Interest in building web framework


32 Lessons 04:15:22

  Lesson- 1: Introduction 00:10:37

  Lesson- 2: Download of Software 00:03:11

  Lesson- 3: Installation of Django 00:05:48

  Lesson- 4: Django Layers 00:05:14

  Lesson- 5: Security in Django 00:06:35

  Lesson- 6: Admin and performance optimization of Django 00:04:50

  Lesson- 1: Project Overview- Project 1 00:03:06

  Lesson- 2: Create your first Django project and running 00:09:54

  Lesson- 3: Components of Django explained 00:07:05

  Lesson- 4: Creating new page view 00:06:09

  Lesson- 5: Creating a HTML form 00:06:17

  Lesson- 6: Navigation from one URL to another with values 00:07:20

  Lesson- 7: Finalizing the project 00:04:43

  Lesson- 1: Blogging project overview 00:02:05

  Lesson- 2: Blogging project installation 00:05:35

  Lesson- 3: Introduction of Apps and creation of Application 00:04:51

  Lesson- 4: Linking the application with URL and views 00:07:12

  Lesson- 5: Models in Django 00:08:30

  Lesson- 6: Admin in Django 00:13:12

  Lesson- 7: Display of Post in Home page 00:05:46

  Lesson- 8: Display of all information inclusing post 00:05:53

  Lesson- 9: Creating a post page design from Home page 00:12:43

  Lesson- 10: Bootstrap design of Home page 00:09:58

  Lesson- 11: Bootstrap design of Post design page 00:09:24

  Lesson- 1: Project overview- Weather API 00:04:09

  Lesson- 2: Creation of Project and API account 00:12:25

  Lesson- 3: Initial setup of HTML Page 00:05:18

  Lesson- 4: Basic usage of API 00:14:18

  Lesson- 5: Usage of Models for Multiple API 00:12:31

  Lesson- 6: Getting input from form 00:13:35

  Lesson- 7: Validation of form inputs 00:16:18

  Lesson- 8: Removal of values in API project 00:10:50


  32 Lessons
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  Certificate of Completion
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