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Customer Service Will MAKE Or BREAK Your Business! You Have NO Idea How Much MONEY You Are LOSING Due To Bad Customer Service … And  HOW Much MONEY You Can GAIN By Providing Excellent Customer Service!


“55% became a customer of a company because of their reputation for GREAT customer service”

“40% began purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for GREAT customer service”

WHICH side Of This Formula do you want to be on???

Customer Service is one of the Top 3 Factors Determining Your Companies FUTURE & EARNINGS!

Are YOUR Staff Trained in “Customer Service”???

This Course is Perfect For Business Owners, Managers and Employees … Get Your Team Trained and Cash in!

A Sample Of What You Will Learn:

STOP Losing Money Due to Poor or Average Customer Service! $$$

Make MORE Money from Each Customer! $$$

SAVE a Fortune in Advertising Dollars!  $$$

Get MORE Referrals!  $$$

Retain Existing Customers! $$$

Solve Problems FAST!

Learn How to Create an Outstanding Customer Service Experience

How to Handle Difficult Customers like a PRO!

Learn the 5 Tenets of TQM

Avoid the 10 Deadly Sins of Customer Service!

… and MUCH More!!!

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Who this course is for:

  • Sales People
  • Clerks
  • Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Anybody who Interacts with the Public in a Business


15 Lessons 02:27:27

  Lesson- 1: Why Customer Service is Critical to Your Business! 00:05:07

  Lesson- 2: Good isn't Good Enough! 00:03:08

  Lesson- 3: We Are ALL in the "Helping Field" 00:10:09

  Lesson- 4: Providing "Concierge" Level Of Service 00:05:56

  Lesson- 5: The 5 Tenets Of TQM 00:02:40

  Lesson- 6: How To Boost Customer Satisfaction 00:08:20

  Lesson- 7: How To Avoid The 10 Deadly Sins Of Customer Service! 00:14:58

  Lesson- 8: More Money $$$ - Through Customer Retention 00:04:47

  Lesson- 9: How Much Is A Customer Worth? $$$ 00:08:27

  Lesson- 10: Do You Understand Your Customer? 00:07:29

  Lesson- 11: Dealing With Difficult Customers 00:18:34

  Lesson- 12: "LEAP" Into Customer Service! 00:17:52

  Lesson- 13: Exceptional Phone Service 00:16:34

  Lesson- 14: Why Customers Buy From YOU! $$$ 00:16:34

  Lesson- 15: BONUS LECTURE!!! FINAL TIPS!!! 00:06:52


  15 Lessons
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ISC Price: 335
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