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This Online NLP program will enable the seekers to understand NLP terminologies and create results. The details of the NLP and its practical application in Indian Environment are available in videos.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the most authentic and the most effective Human Mind tool which has enormous power to solve wide range of Human Mental and Emotional Issues. NLP removes fog of perception and bring reality which helps understand people that how they behave, think, create patterns and effective communicate. NLP is the most widely discussed subject in the world and least understood by the people. NLP help achieve Health, Happiness and Money through Inner Subconscious (10million times more powerful then conscious mind) Resources application. Success is the matter of running our Mind effectively to enjoy delightfulness then depression, success then failure. NLP exercises help in reimprinting ones subconscious mind for desired success.

NLP is all about Human excellence (personal excellence). So do we require to change our identity and behaviors completely? One can achieve personal excellence through rewiring one’s neurons with wanted and correct ideas and thoughts. Think and Get is so simple formula of success. Master the way of thinking consciously and change the rewiring of subconscious is the secret of success. Master the conscious mind through changing patterns of thinking. So rewire that you want and get. Sometimes it may take 21days, 66 days, 100 days or 200 days to over write the old thoughts to create new behaviors.

This online program will empower you heal and Change psychosomatic Issues like- BP, Sugar, Immune Disorder, pains, Arthritis, Asthma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Money and Sabotaging patterns and Behaviors.

NLP Can help and Resolve
1. Eliminate the deep patterns of various diseases body obesity, pain, migraine, asthma, cancer, acidity, sinus etc
2. People eliminate the phobic experience of immunity that causes
3. Sports Professionals persons eliminate the references of their past failure and bad performance; and enjoy their best ‘form’ in their performance.
4. Cricketers Get Peak Form . Couples enjoy their relationship
5. Entrepreneurs increase their effectiveness and business outcomes
6. Students have more confidence and interest in their studies
7. Professionals enjoy better productivity by getting more aligned with their Identity, Values, Belief, Capability and Behaviours.

“Every human being has the right and capability to achieve personal excellence. Life is one and beautiful, stay happy, healthy and of course very wealthy. The Key to Success is Master the art of Controlling Subconscious Mind.” Life Will Change and Never Behave The Same Again
-Manmohan Dutt

Learn Self Healing Science
Fear, Phobia, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Past Painful Memories, Disinterest from studies/ work or life-partner, Past Failures, Addiction(Like Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco, Eating Excessively etc) and Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours (Like washing hand again and again or checking the lock a number of time, or sticking to one point)
Medical science has already proved that most of the diseases in our body are Psycho-somatic (‘Psycho’ refers that the disease has its origin in the mind, and ‘Soma’ refers that the disease is experienced in the body) Mind may have some deep issues like, past trauma that is causing the disease in your body. With ‘NLP Subconscious Re-Imprinting you can erase that trauma off your mind and also plant the imprints of health and engage your mind to heal your disease faster. Remember no medicine heals, only mind heals.

I am doing two major things with Neuro Sciences, modern name Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP Subconscious Rewiring/ Reimprinting/ Neuroplasticity, 1. Helping the Adults to forget the past pain issues and 2. Kids to Memorize 10 times faster to recall with confidence in exam (achieve more marks). These two are the modern challenges of growing society.

NLP is a science of sensory languages, what one see, visualize, feel, taste and smell. These are only lying in memory. These experiences can be changed with new happy and desired images, visuals, sounds and feelings. Consciously thoughts becomes memory of Subconscious, which drives the person like a autopilot of an aircraft. In absence of absolute clarity of goals, subconscious has nothing to drive then confusion. Today’s results of life are the reflection of yesterdays thoughts and so as tomorrow will be reflection of today’s thought process and actions. Whatever one think each moment is fed to subconscious mind and that only happens in life. NLP helps to control thought process and change way of perceiving things to internal map (Interpretation of outer world to inside world). Successful people are masters of controlling situations and taking action through gaining resourceful state of mind.

Happiness is a state of Mind. Nothing comes with meaning in this world. We create meaning of the events happens in our life. These meanings turns into DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS, Laziness, Procrastination, ANGER, BROKEN, RELATIONSHIP, SCARCITY OF MONEY, sabotaging habits and behaviors, LOW ENERGY, ABSENCE OF DESIRES AND DREAMS.
You can regain it all by changing your state of mind. Take Charge of your life. Become CEO of your happy, dream life. Love self and others. Make Your New Identity. Surprise self and others. Enjoy New World of Success just by changing your way of thinking. Rewire Your sabotaging behaviors, loosing habits and patterns into WINNING Mindset and New Success behaviors. You can change anytime in life by rewiring neurons and subconscious mind. Belief is Your Choice better do in favor of your great health and happiness.
Just Learn and Practice NLP, Life will Never be same again.


35 Lessons 06:07:00

  Lesson- 1: NLP Introduction 00:10:38

  Lesson- 2: Mind Communication Model 00:28:41

  Lesson- 3: Presuppostions 00:13:38

  Lesson- 4: Submodalities 00:11:55

  Lesson- 5: Representational System1 00:19:05

  Lesson- 6: Anchoring 00:08:27

  Lesson- 7: Circle of Excellence Excercise 00:09:03

  Lesson- 8: Swish Excercise 00:09:26

  Lesson- 9: Past Painfull Memory Excercise 00:10:56

  Lesson- 10: Rappot Building 00:09:34

  Lesson- 11: Framing and 6 Step-Reframing 00:14:46

  Lesson- 12: Six Human Needs 00:06:51

  Lesson- 13: Strategies 00:09:28

  Lesson- 14: Outcome Structure 00:14:53

  Lesson- 15: Neurological Alignment 00:21:35

  Lesson- 16: Neurological Alignment Part-2 00:15:42

  Lesson- 17: Meta Model 00:13:29

  Lesson- 18: Meta Program 00:09:32

  Lesson- 19: Hypnotic Command 00:09:19

  Lesson- 20: Time Line Therapy 00:16:46

  Lesson- 21: Look Good in Any Situation. Change Map Motivational 00:08:22

  Lesson- 22: Perceptual Positions by Disney 00:07:17

  Lesson- 23: Values Hierarchy 00:07:22

  Lesson- 24: Belief and Values 00:04:12

  Lesson- 25: Belief System 00:06:17

  Lesson- 26: How To Learn Visualisation 00:07:53

  Lesson- 27: How Mind Thinks 00:06:25

  Lesson- 28: Power of Being Specific 00:07:47

  Lesson- 29: Bonus-1 Law of Attraction 00:06:19

  Lesson- 30: Bonus-2 Collective Consciousness 00:05:10

  Lesson- 31: Bonus-3 How to Win Procastination 00:05:13

  Lesson- 32: Bonus-4 00:05:54

  Lesson- 33: Bonus-5 Understand Role of Body, Mind, Soul Secret of Success of Prime Minister Narender Modi 00:08:37

  Lesson- 34: Bonus-6 How To Memorise Long Numbers 00:06:59

  Lesson- 35: Bonus-7 Motivtional Story of Footballer 00:09:29


  35 Lessons
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