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Growth Mindset v/s Fixed Mindset

Growth mindset and fix mindset is an amazing course on or on India Skill Capital Android App This course gives you an overall view for “OUT OF BOX” thinking and its importance. Most people have fix circle of thinking. They believe in what they know and learn only. While this world is full of possibilities. My job in this course is to motivate people to think beyond their knowledge and learning and to know the possibilities in their lifetime. Due to my huge Global exposure I learned many such stories. Today I know that anything is possible. Anything is possible is not bookish thing for me actually it is a reality.

What ever is our age and life today, our future depends on the kind of mindset we nurture. One is growth mind set which is always ready to learn and grow. Or could be fix mindset, which says the size of life is fix and predetermined. Hope we all know that Humans are best creation of God. God never create junk. Best cannot attract worst. And if we can understand this, our tools and actions towards life can totally change.

In my course I have discussed many theories, tools and techniques required to achieve this mindset. I know if anyone goes through this course can change his life. All the very best. My 20 years knowledge and understandings are stored in this. See you all soon on a different platform and mindset.



14 Lessons 02:31:00

  Lesson- 1: Growth Mindset 00:23:54

  Lesson- 2: First Think About Growth in Your Life. 00:09:35

  Lesson- 3: Difference in Permanent & Temporary Growth 00:10:02

  Lesson- 4: Search Around For People Who Are Growing… 00:19:27

  Lesson- 5: Why Others Do Not Grow? 00:13:37

  Lesson- 6: Check your Association. Your Friends. 00:09:30

  Lesson- 7: Do You Have Some Mentor In Life…? 00:05:48

  Lesson- 8: You Need A Teacher… 00:04:34

  Lesson- 9: Fixed Mindset 00:11:19

  Lesson- 10: I Am Either Good At It Or I’m Not 00:08:28

  Lesson- 11: I Don’t Like To Be Challenged 00:04:58

  Lesson- 12: Feedback And Criticism Are Personal 00:02:11

  Lesson- 13: Think Different, New & Out of Box 00:20:25

  Lesson- 14: Feedback & Criticism Are Positive 00:07:12


  14 Lessons
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