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Set Up Google Analytics in Minutes, Track Marketing Analytics, and Increase Traffic & Sales with Web Analytics!Go from Beginner to Advanced
By the end of this Google Analytics course, you will be using Google analytics as a powerful tool to monitor the health of your business and identify growth opportunities.

What is possible through Analytics?

Analytics allow us to use sophisticated statistical algorithms & leverage computing power to exploreanalyze and understand the data to generate insights from it. It helps to answer questions we may have and discover any hidden patterns. All this to make better business decisions.

You'll go from beginner to advanced and your instructor will take you through each step on screen:

  • Create a Google Analytics Account
  • Install Tracking Code
  • Load Demo Data from a Real Online Store
  • Add Filters to Remove Internal Traffic
  • Analyze Real Time Reports
  • Analyze Audience Reports
  • Analyze Acquisition Reports
  • Analyze Behaviour Reports
  • Deep Dive Into Data with Dimensions & Segments
  • Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging
  • Add Colleagues to Google Analytics
  • Configure Goal Tracking
  • Remove Spam Traffic
  • Set Up Custom Alerts
  • Master new features like Analytics Intelligence

Why Web Analytics is important for business?

  • Analytics is everywhere: Analytics is everywhere and is used by a lot more businesses than we think for various objectives including customer profiling, demographic segmentation & competitor analysis to make strategic decisions.
  • Analytics is for everyone: Analytics is for everyone, from vegetable street hawker to online retailer like Amazon. One only difference is the complexity of data. Analytics can help businesses across various domains including banks, retailers, e-commerce companies, telecom & healthcare.
  • Analytics enables better business decisions: Analytics allow us to use sophisticated statistical algorithms & leverage computing power to explore, analyze and understand the data to generate insights, and answer questions to make better business decisions.

What will students learn in your course?  

  • Set up Google Analytics correctly in just a few minutes
  • Track the success of social media and marketing campaigns
  • Optimise for the few metrics that actually matter
  • Set up a demo account to start practicing right away
  • Google Analytics को कुछ ही मिनटों में सही तरीके से सेट करें

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?  

No experience required - demo account included

Who are your target students?

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to make data-driven decisions to grow their business but is struggling to do so because they feel overwhelmed by the technicalities and data.
  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking get hired into an analytics role will benefit hugely from the step by step process outlined in this course
  • Not intended for advanced Google Analytics users as much of the content may be the revision.


40 Lessons 04:06:47

  Lesson- 1: Career Opportunities 00:08:04

  Lesson- 2: Introduction to Google Analytics Course 00:06:04

  Lesson- 3: Set Up a Google Analytics Demo Account to Start Practicing Right Away! 00:02:02

  Lesson- 4: Google Analytics Overview (History _ Use Cases) 00:11:04

  Lesson- 5: Google Analytics Glossary - Top 50 Terms You Need to Know 00:29:02

  Lesson- 6: How does analytics works 00:03:31

  Lesson- 1: How to Setup Google Analytics on ALL websites (WordPress, Wix, Shopify etc.) 00:10:03

  Lesson- 2: How to Add Reporting Views to Backup Your Data 00:05:46

  Lesson- 3: How to Filter Employee Traffic to Get Clean Data 00:05:29

  Lesson- 4: How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals That Will Grow Your Business 00:10:47

  Lesson- 5: How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics 00:03:28

  Lesson- 1: How to Use Real Time Reports to See Reactions to Your Marketing Campaigns 00:05:03

  Lesson- 2: How to Use Audience Reports to Pinpoint Your True Fans 00:18:26

  Lesson- 3: How to Use Acquisition Reports to Find the Source of Highest Quality Traffic 00:12:52

  Lesson- 4: How to Use Behaviour Reports to Keep People on Your Site Longer 00:09:36

  Lesson- 5: How to Track Marketing Campaigns with Campaign Tagging (URL Builder) 00:07:59

  Lesson- 6: How to Leverage Segments To Find Golden Insights 00:06:37

  Lesson- 7: Top 6 Google Analytics Features to Manipulate Data 00:08:25

  Lesson- 8: How to analyze channel report and referral report 00:05:38

  Lesson- 9: How to analyze active user report and cohort analysis 00:08:33

  Lesson- 1: How to Set Up Custom Reports to See the Best Days to Post 00:05:10

  Lesson- 2: How to Set Up Custom Alerts For Traffic Spikes_Drops 00:04:39

  Lesson- 3: How to Remove Spam Traffic from Google Analytics 00:02:11

  Lesson- 4: How to Get Added as a Admin _ Manage Google Analytics for Clients 00:04:06

  Lesson- 5: How to Link Google Ads to Google Analytics for Remarketing 00:03:18

  Lesson- 6: How to Set Up Custom Dashboards - Go Beyond Standard Reports! 00:07:13

  Lesson- 7: How to Set Up Event Tracking For Click-to-Call Phone Numbers 00:05:04

  Lesson- 8: Analytics Intelligence - the Latest Feature From Google Analytics! 00:06:37

  Lesson- 9: How to create custom dimension 00:07:19

  Lesson- 10: How to create custom metric 00:03:34

  Lesson- 11: How to Discover your best keywords using Google analytics 00:03:13

  Lesson- 12: How to enable use site search feature 00:06:28

  Lesson- 13: How to find top converting pages 00:03:20

  Lesson- 14: How to analyse social traffic report 00:02:37

  Lesson- 15: Understanding Behavior Flow Report 00:03:29

  Lesson- 1: Know Google Analytics Job Interview Questions 00:00:00

  Lesson- 2: Important Google Academy courses 00:00:00

  Lesson- 3: Resources For Google Analytics Certification Exam 00:00:00

  Lesson- 4: Google Analytics Supporting Tools 00:00:00

  Lesson- 5: 12 Must Read Analytics Blogs 00:00:00


  40 Lessons
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  Certificate of Completion
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