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Digital Marketing – 6 Digital Marketing Strategies to grow your Audience

“By the end of the day, you could have at least one of the 6 powerful Digital Marketing strategies working for you, attracting new followers for your business 24 hours a day.”

Does not matter if you don’t have an audience or if you already have thousands or even millions of people following you, these Digital Marketing strategies will help you to grow your audience even further.

This is not rocket science, All the Digital Marketing strategies I’ll be sharing with you in the course are simple but powerful, Digital Marketing strategies that you can start using TODAY to increase the number of followers, fans, clients, and spread your message all over the world.

To accomplish that, we’ll use all the power of YouTube, Facebook, Facebook groups, Live video, Forums, Quora, Podcasting and other social media platforms.

Here are the 6 Digital Marketing strategies we will be exploring during the course:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy #1 – YouTube
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy #2 – Facebook
  3. Digital Marketing Strategy #3 – Forums & Quora
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy #4 – Live Video
  5. Digital Marketing Strategy #5 – Guest Blogging
  6. Digital Marketing Strategy #6 – Podcast

My goal is to make sure that by the end of the course you have all these 6 Digital Marketing strategies, working for you 24/7, attracting new followers and clients for your business.

One year from now you will wish you had started today. Let’s start now with these 6 Digital Marketing Strategies!

See you in the first lecture!


29 Lessons 02:07:34

  Lesson- 1: Welcome to the course 00:01:58

  Lesson- 1: Using YouTube to build your audience 00:03:13

  Lesson- 2: Creating YouTube Content that attacks new followers 00:03:51

  Lesson- 3: Which keywords is your Audience using 00:10:50

  Lesson- 4: Driving people to your Website, Online store or Email list 00:04:33

  Lesson- 5: Assignment 1 - Using the YouTube Strategy 00:01:53

  Lesson- 1: The Facebook Group Strategy overview 00:03:45

  Lesson- 2: Discovering thousands of potential clients and followers on Facebook Groups 00:10:24

  Lesson- 3: Real Life example - How I builded a business with this strategy 00:05:44

  Lesson- 4: Create your community on Facebook Groups 00:03:27

  Lesson- 5: Do you need a Facebook Page 00:02:37

  Lesson- 6: Assignment 2 - Using the Facebook Group strategy to grow your Audience 00:02:04

  Lesson- 1: Using Forums and Quora to grow your audience 00:01:12

  Lesson- 2: Finding the Forums where your audience is 00:11:33

  Lesson- 3: The power of Quora 00:04:16

  Lesson- 4: Assignment 3 - Find forums or Quora questions about your topic 00:01:33

  Lesson- 1: Why Live video 00:02:45

  Lesson- 2: The Live video Strategy 00:09:04

  Lesson- 3: Going live to 30 social media platforms at the same time 00:06:06

  Lesson- 4: Assignment 4 - The Live video strategy 00:01:37

  Lesson- 1: The guest blogging strategy overview 00:02:30

  Lesson- 2: Finding the perfect blog for your guest blogging 00:06:29

  Lesson- 3: Contacting the Blog’s owner and getting their attention 00:05:59

  Lesson- 4: Writing the article and delivering massive value to their audience 00:02:09

  Lesson- 5: Assignment 5 - The Guest blogging strategy 00:01:36

  Lesson- 1: The Podcast strategy overview 00:03:01

  Lesson- 2: The easy way - Be a guest on a podcast 00:07:04

  Lesson- 3: Creating your own podcast 00:04:34

  Lesson- 4: Assignment 6 - The Podcast strategy 00:01:47


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