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Welcome! This video course is primarily in Marathi with some examples in English.

Are you a fresher or college student?

Do you want to find a job fast?

Learn directly from International life coach and trainer Mayur Pangrekar. This video course is a game changer.

Why choose this video course?

- Highly engaging course
- 33 examples
- Step by step methods
- Proven knowledge, so confidence improvement
- Practical tips
- Resume samples for engineers (IT, business, pharmacy, mechanical/civil engineers
- Direct access to me through 1 to 1 video coaching

Need to prepare for a changing world and you need to do it fast. People who do it fast with online learning will beat the competition.


27 Lessons 04:23:18

  Lesson- 1: Freshers introduction preview English 00:03:02

  Lesson- 2: Resume importance 00:02:59

  Lesson- 3: Resume prep BCom BBA MBA 00:13:37

  Lesson- 4: Resume prep IT software 00:14:00

  Lesson- 5: Resume prep mechanical engineer 00:13:35

  Lesson- 6: Resume prep pharmacy 00:13:49

  Lesson- 7: Resume preparation civil engineer 00:14:07

  Lesson- 8: Resume do's and dont's 00:05:57

  Lesson- 1: English intro listening watching writing R1 00:11:33

  Lesson- 2: English speaking reading R1 00:14:24

  Lesson- 3: English tips sentences R2 00:14:44

  Lesson- 1: Phone speaking R2 00:13:07

  Lesson- 2: Phone speaking tips R1 00:10:15

  Lesson- 3: Email writing R1 00:10:30

  Lesson- 1: Rapport building interview R4 00:14:59

  Lesson- 2: 4 interview questions R1 00:08:46

  Lesson- 3: Next 5 interview questions R1 00:06:32

  Lesson- 4: Preparation for interview and 12 tips R2 00:11:16

  Lesson- 1: Job search R1 00:18:30

  Lesson- 1: LinkedIn profile R1 00:12:36

  Lesson- 2: Job search process template 00:05:00

  Lesson- 3: Resume Sample Civil Engineer 00:05:00

  Lesson- 4: Reference links YouTube channels 00:05:00

  Lesson- 5: Job search process for freshers 00:05:00

  Lesson- 6: Resume-sample-pharmacy 00:05:00

  Lesson- 7: Portfolio-sample-civil-engineer 00:05:00

  Lesson- 8: Resume Sample IT 00:05:00


  27 Lessons
  7 Resources Files
  Full Lifetime Access
  Access on Mobile
  Access on Web
  Certificate of Completion
M.R.P.: 1500.00
ISC Price: 335
You Save: 1165 (77.67% off)

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