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This course will help students to understand direct selling business deeply. If you are interested to learn business building basics, Guru Mantras for doing basics, goal setting and achievement process, business building core steps, Cardinals Rules and skills required to build huge business, then this course is for you.

1. The direct sales industry is one of the most overlooked industries in America and India
2. Direct selling companies are always looking for new talent to join their team 
3. There are many different types of direct sales companies out there, with some specializing in beauty products and others focusing on health supplements 
4. Some people may be hesitant to become a part of this industry because they think it's too risky or complicated, but the truth is that anyone can do it if they put in enough time and effort
5. It all starts by joining an established company like Amway, Tupperware, Avon, Herbal life, vestige, Modicare where you will receive training from experienced professionals who have gone through each step before you - then you just need to follow their lead!
6. Once you're ready to start building your own business, we provides everything necessary for success including tools for marketing and customer acquisition

The direct selling industry has been around for decades and is a multi-billion dollar business. There are many people who have become millionaires by starting their own businesses in the direct selling industry.  How can you do the same?  Keep reading to find out!

Many people make money from home or while working full time jobs, but some of these people also make millions on top of it. Millionaires such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson started their own companies which grew into billion dollar empires that they eventually sold off for huge profits once they were established enough to retire on. You too could be just one successful company away from being a millionaire. Here is an amazing course which will help you if you are looking for next level success in Network Marketing/MLM (Multilevel marketing)/ Direct selling industry businesses.

This course is prepare by Mr. Anurag Aggarwal who is highly successful in this industry. So lets go ahead and enjoy the course.


This online course is regarding business building fundamentals in the business related to Direct Selling Industry. If you are a business partner in direct selling industry then course will help you in Network building, customers creation, developing strong teams, establishing business ethics and principles, leadership creation and skill building.


8 Lessons 02:06:16

  Lesson- 1: 6 Guru Mantras 00:04:13

  Lesson- 2: Achievement Process 00:14:13

  Lesson- 3: 4 Basics 00:11:24

  Lesson- 4: 13 Core Steps 00:19:31

  Lesson- 5: 4 Cardinal Rules 00:10:20

  Lesson- 6: 8 Powers 00:25:01

  Lesson- 7: 21 Core Skills 00:31:44

  Lesson- 8: 5 C 00:09:50


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