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Motion graphics are an essential part of video creation and editing. From moving titles across the screen to stabilising your footage to smooth out the bumps or replacing a sign in the background. Ubiquitous, subtly powerful, and for the beginner, a bit mystifying. You need to learn motion graphics. You need a tutorial that will help at every step of the way, without leaving you drowning in details.

If you’ve ever made a video, you’ve probably already discovered that it’s all the little extra infographics, titles and animation that make your project look professional – and you’ve probably already wondered which is the right After Effects tutorial that will let you access the potential.

After Effects is the industrial strength tool for putting the motion in your graphic designs and content. It can also appear to be pretty deep, so getting guidance from a pro that understands how to teach, as much as how to use, After Effects is going to be the key that unlocks your potential.

How about a motion graphics tutorial taught by a working professional who just happens to be great at teaching too? Daniel Scott has been working with animation and motion graphics for over a decade and is the founder of Bring Your Own Laptop - they've been helping people learn design and animation all over the world for just as long.

Daniel, an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, will take you one manageable step at a time through motion graphics in a series of small practical projects that come together to unlock Adobe After Effects, animation, and infographics. These tutorials give you the complete foundation that you can build on for years to come. Learn the principles and the specifics of producing content, in a way that you'll understand and remember. And stay awake.

Just 3 hours long, and very hands on, you’ll take on specific tools and techniques one at a time so you can easily comprehend each aspect of the tutorial, and see all the parts of creating motion graphics before you get intimidated by the scale of what you can do. From zero to hero, as we like to say.

You get downloadable exercise files that match the course, so no time wasted trying to match project settings or finding material to work with. And you can use the end results in your own projects or portfolio – you can customise them to suit your needs as you grow in understanding.

To learn motion graphics is to unlock the door on the magic that makes your video or web content stand out in the crowd. Daniel is going to provide you with the motion graphics tutorial you’ve been looking for to get more than your foot in the door – you’re going to be able to create beautiful animation and infographics. You’ll be empowered to use After Effects the way it was meant to be used, and to create your own creative content, even during the tutorial itself.

What are the requirements?

  • This course is for absolute beginners
  • You'll need a copy of Adobe After Effects CC 2015 or above. A free 30 day trial can be download from Adobe here.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create beautiful motion graphics
  • Animate compelling infographics
  • Choose the correct video settings.
  • You’ll learn how to exporting your video easily.
  • You’ll be able to create slick type animations.
  • Rendering your video for Youtube & Vimeo.
  • Create titles for interviews.
  • Add music to your motion graphics.
  • Trim & editing video.
  • Add watermarking your video.
  • Fixing shaky footage.
  • Color correct & fix any bad footage.
  • Add a vignette to your video.
  • Learn how to use your skills from Illustrator & Photoshop
  • How to use green screen footage
  • How to mask like a pro.
  • How to animate infographics like bar graphs, line graphs & pie charts.
  • How to use camera to make 3D type.
  • Animating static images using parallax
  • Plus basic character animation.
  • + More…

What is the target audience?


  • This course is for people who want to start earning money as a motion graphics designer.
  • This course is for beginners wanting to learn to use After Effects for motion graphics and infographics.
  • No previous After Effects or animation skills are necessary.


  • This course is NOT for people who have a good understanding of After Effects already. This is for new people only.


51 Lessons 05:03:35

  Lesson- 1: Introduction 00:01:18

  Lesson- 2: Exercise Files 00:01:57

  Lesson- 3: Live Chat forums 00:02:20

  Lesson- 4: Relinking missing footage 00:01:58

  Lesson- 1: Project vs Compositions 00:03:43

  Lesson- 2: Whats the right composition settings 00:03:00

  Lesson- 3: Changing the length of your composition 00:00:57

  Lesson- 4: Matching composition to video size 00:03:21

  Lesson- 5: Create type animation in After Effects 00:09:22

  Lesson- 6: Easing your animation 00:03:52

  Lesson- 7: Blurring your text while it moves 00:03:51

  Lesson- 8: How to render or export your After Effects animation 00:04:31

  Lesson- 1: My computer is really crappy - help 00:06:51

  Lesson- 2: Empty your disk cache to clear hard drive space 00:02:41

  Lesson- 3: Ive lost my timeline in After Effects 00:01:51

  Lesson- 1: Lower thirds type animation 00:12:10

  Lesson- 2: Creating a watermark in After Effects 00:04:15

  Lesson- 3: Rules of motion graphics - anticipation 00:01:14

  Lesson- 4: Custom easing using the graph editor in After Effects 00:10:07

  Lesson- 5: Adding audio & music to your video 00:07:50

  Lesson- 1: Inspiration for you motion graphics 00:04:15

  Lesson- 1: Trimming the length of a video 00:03:38

  Lesson- 2: Color correction exposure & adjustment layers 00:08:21

  Lesson- 3: Creating a vignette in After Effects 00:03:26

  Lesson- 4: Fixing shaky footage with warp stabilizer 00:11:41

  Lesson- 1: Add text to live action video 00:09:26

  Lesson- 2: Matrix effect using time remapping 00:05:20

  Lesson- 3: Text to follow live action 00:14:33

  Lesson- 1: Working with Illustrator in After Effects 00:10:06

  Lesson- 2: Looping your animation- After Effects 00:01:36

  Lesson- 3: Grouping is called a pre-comp 00:06:07

  Lesson- 4: How to make a motion path 00:04:39

  Lesson- 1: Green screen Keying 00:07:03

  Lesson- 2: Basic Masking 00:05:39

  Lesson- 3: Object & mask animate separately - Track Matts 00:04:59

  Lesson- 4: Rotoscoping & faking depth of field - Track Matts 00:04:09

  Lesson- 5: Rotobrush - putting type behind video objects - Track Matts 00:12:22

  Lesson- 1: Animated infographic line chart - Track Matts 00:12:47

  Lesson- 2: Pie chart infographic in After Effects 00:07:14

  Lesson- 1: Using cameras in After Effects 00:08:22

  Lesson- 2: Animating a screen capture or screencast 00:06:02

  Lesson- 1: Animating static images using parallax 00:07:05

  Lesson- 2: Add fake lights with CC Light Rays 00:04:02

  Lesson- 3: Creating dust particles in After Effects 00:10:00

  Lesson- 1: Swinging text in After Effects 00:10:36

  Lesson- 1: Character animation using the Puppet pin tool 00:05:54

  Lesson- 1: Spinning globe & star effects 00:06:56

  Lesson- 1: Making your video file size really small 00:08:50

  Lesson- 2: Put all your files in one place - collect files 00:02:41

  Lesson- 1: End 00:03:56

  Lesson- 1: Motion Graphic Cheat Sheet for After Effects 00:04:41


  51 Lessons
  Full Lifetime Access
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  Certificate of Completion
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