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How to overcome procrastination

1. Write down what you have to do 2. Break it up into smaller tasks 3. Make a plan for how yo...
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14 Aug 2021

How I got to be so successful

1. I am successful because I have a strong work ethic 2. I am successful because of my willingne...
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14 Aug 2021

How to get and keep a job ?

1. Make sure you're qualified for the job 2. Know what is expected of you at your new job 3....
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16 Aug 2021

How to manage a hotel without owning it?

1. Learn about the different types of hotels and how they work 2. Understand what it takes to ma...
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11 Sep 2021

Most powerful success tips of all time

1. Know your WHY 2. Focus on the process, not the outcome 3. Be grateful for what you have no...
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14 Sep 2021

How to become a Google Analytics Certified ?

1. What is Google Analytics and why do you need it for your business 2. How to create a free acc...
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01 Oct 2021