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How to manage anger?

01 Oct 2021

1. Identify the triggers of your anger

2. Practice deep breathing to calm yourself down

3. Go for a walk or engage in physical exercise to release tension and frustration

4. Talk to someone about what's bothering you - find someone who will listen without judging you, such as a family member, friend, or therapist

5. Express your feelings through writing or art - this can help with emotional expression and relieve stress

6. Spend time with loved ones- they may be able to provide comfort during difficult times.

 "It is natural to be angry, but it can also be destructive. There are many ways that you can channel your anger in a healthy way instead of letting the anger dictate how you live."

"The first thing to do is identify what triggered your anger and try not to let it happen again. You should also make sure that your negative emotions don't turn into something else, like depression or anxiety."

"You can also ask yourself why you're angry? Sometimes there's no good answer for this question, but if there is one then identifying the root cause of your anger will help you deal with it more effectively." 

 The next time you feel yourself getting angry, try some of these tips to calm down. If the anger is more than just a fleeting annoyance, take some time to deal with it properly and get on top of your emotions before they spiral out of control. You don't want to let negative feelings build up or create harmful habits that can be hard to break later on in life. These are all healthy ways for adults (or kids) to handle their anger without damaging themselves or others around them- what works best will depend on your personality type and who's available when you need help managing your temper. We hope this article has been helpful; if so please share it with someone else who might benefit from learning about how neuroscience can help us. You can also join the amazing online course at, course link:

 When you feel angry, it's important to identify the triggers that are causing your emotions. Once you have identified them, take a deep breath and try not to engage in any of these behaviors. You can go for a walk or do some physical exercise which will release tension and frustration. Another way is by talking with somebody about what's bothering you - find someone who will listen without judging you! Expressing yourself through writing or art may help with an emotional expression too! We'd love for you to join our free online course on Anger Management & Conflict Resolution at, Course link:

 Anger is a natural emotion and one that we all experience from time to time. The key to managing anger effectively is identifying the triggers of your anger and then practicing techniques for calming yourself down when you feel frustrated or angry. These strategies can be as simple as deep breathing exercises, going for a walk, talking with someone about what's bothering you (ideally finding someone who will listen without judging,) or expressing feelings through writing or art. If these methods haven't worked in the past, it may be helpful to sign up for our online course on how to manage conflict resolution at , Course Link : We hope this guide has been both informative and enlightening!