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"How GST has changed the way you do business"?

13 Oct 2021

1. What is GST and why did it come about?

2. How does GST work for businesses?

3. Why do I need to know about the changes brought in by GST?

4. What are the benefits of implementing these reforms?

5. The next steps for business owners in order to prepare themselves for this change.

6. Final thoughts on how you can make sure your company is ready when the new system launched on April 1st, 2017.

"With GST coming into effect, many small businesses are wondering how to go about doing business.  The tax will affect all aspects of your business and you need to be aware of the changes that might come with it. Here is a quick guide on what you should do now."

GST or Goods and Services Tax has changed the way you do business. It is a tax on goods and services at each stage of production, distribution, sale, or use. The aim of GST is to replace various federal taxes with one inclusive tax across all states in India. This blog post will introduce you to the basics of GST that everyone should know about this new which aims to simplify ways for businessmen in India.

GST Law in India - What's Important To Know?  The government has introduced an 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on most products & services from July 1st, 2017 onwards, replacing almost every other indirect tax levied by different state governments/UTs as well as central govt.

India is a federal country and so the need for Central Government Tax arose. GST was introduced in 2017 to simplify tax laws, eliminate cascading taxes on manufactured goods, remove exemptions from taxation for certain items such as restaurant food, and curb the generation of black money by making cash transactions more difficult. The introduction of this new system has been lauded by economists but there have been some unintended consequences that may require revisiting aspects of it or making changes in legislation. If you want to learn about how basic principles work before diving into complicated topics like these, try taking our free online course at /Practical-GST-Course--Certification which covers practical applications with sample problems and answers provided for each topic explained through animation videos. Course link:

If you’re a small business owner in India, it can be confusing to understand the impact of GST on your operations. This post will help clarify how GST works for businesses in India and what you need to know about the new tax system going forward. For more information on practical GST courses & certifications, visit our website today!

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax on goods and services that will be applied uniformly across all states in India. This means you are going to have one single rate for the same product, irrespective of where it has been made or what state you buy it from. A lot of people are apprehensive about this new system because they don’t know enough about how GST works or if they need to do anything different when filing their taxes come July 1st. To help clear up any confusion, we created an online course that covers everything there is to know about GST; both the basics as well as more advanced concepts like invoice classification under CGST & SGST Acts, etc., so even those who consider themselves experts. For more information check this amazing course:

Implementing these reforms will give your company a competitive advantage. Being able to offer goods and services at a lower rate, or being exempt from GST altogether can bring in more customers who may not have been able to afford those products before the reform was passed. And with the new e-way bill system, you’ll be able to obtain tax refunds for any purchases made by your business as long as it is under Rs 20 lakhs per year. As an added bonus, many of our courses are now available online so that you can learn about how to comply with this legislation without ever having to leave home! Join us today on for practical GST courses & certification and get ahead of the curve! Course link:

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